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Introduction of Ashraf Naturals

Ashraf Naturals. Who are we? What is our vision? What are our core values? 


After the splitting of partners, Ex Managing director of Ashraf Laboratories private limited, M. Tariq Ashraf who served as Director for 5 decades and also served as Managing Director for since 1986 in Ashraf Laboratories Pvt Limited, and Ex-Director of Marketing, Zuhair Ashraf who served in Ashraf Laboratories for 1.2 decades, together started this venture in April 2022. The purpose of Ashraf Naturals is to provide you the best quality food and consumer products. The business is registered with Punjab Food Authority (PFA) and is Halal, HACCP & ISO 22000 certified. We are also Gold supplier on AliBaba and already exporting to 10+ countries and growing.

Our business is independent of Ashraf Laboratories and Ashraf Organics and we have nothing to do with any financial or legal matters of the said businesses.



*Vision of Ashraf Naturals:*

"At Ashraf Naturals, we are committed to reconnect with nature through the pure, time-honored herbal remedies of our ancestors. Our mission is to offer our customers highest-quality, natural products that reconnect them with the purity of nature, promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle amidst the complexities of modern life."


*Core Values of Ashraf Naturals*

1. *Authenticity*:
We honor the wisdom of our ancestors by using genuine, time-tested herbal recipes and natural ingredients.

2. *Quality*:
Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product is crafted with the highest standards of purity and effectiveness.

3. *Simplicity*:
We believe in the power of simple, natural solutions to enhance well-being in an increasingly complex world.

4. *Sustainability*:
We are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring that our products are as good for the planet as they are for our customers.

5. *Integrity*:
Transparency and honesty guide our business, fostering trust and loyalty with our clientele.

6. *Health and Wellness*:
We prioritize the health of our customers by providing safe, natural products that promote a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.



We're committed to continuous improvement to ensure we deliver exceptional products and experiences for you every single time.

Ashraf Naturals