You can become our Distributor for as low as Rs. 300,000 depending upon the area.

Discount structure:

  • The distributor will get a 38% discount (it is an additional 8% discount as compare to the stockist/wholesaler).
  • Any seasonal scheme or incentive on the product will be extra bonus for the distributor.

  • Policy & terms:

    • Payment of stock purchased will be done in advance in the company bank account.
    • The distributor will manage all the stockist of that area. 
    • All financial matters of the distributor and stockist will be solely his responsibility.
    • The company will not appoint any other distributor in the area assigned to you, similarly, the distributor will not sale any stock outside his own area. Any territory violation will not be tolerated and can lead to the termination of the distribution contract.
    • Stock will be delivered to a nearby truck station and paid bilti will be done till the truck station. 
    • Distributors must lift stock on a monthly basis cover nearby shops and will have a strong counter sale. 
    • The distributor must visit the market after fifteen days to ensure availability of the products. 
    • The company will not make any other distributor in that specific territory unless the area is not properly covered by the distributor. 
    • Any leakage/breakage claim will be provided by the company. 
    • Exchange of stock can be done 4 months before the expiry printed on the product. 
    • In case of any financial dispute between the company and the distributor, both the company and the distributor will solve the issue in Faisalabad courts only.