You can become our whole seller/stockist for as low as Rs. 65,000

Discount structure:

  • 25% Discount on the order value of at least 65,000 rupees and above stock.
  • 30% Discount on the order value of at least 120,000 rupees and above stock.

  • Policy and terms:

    • Payment of stock purchased will be done in advance in the company bank account. 
    • The stockist will manage all the retailers in his area. 
    • All financial matters of the stockist and retailer will be solely his responsibility.
    • Company will not make any other stockist in that specific town unless the area is not properly covered by the stockist. 
    • Stock will be delivered to a nearby truck station and paid bilti will be done till the truck stand. 
    • Stockist must lift stock on a monthly basis and cover nearby shops around him and will have a strong counter sale. 
    • The stockist must visit the market after fifteen days to ensure the availability of the products. 
    • Any leakage/breakage claim will be provided by the company. 
    • Exchange of stock can be done 4 months before the expiry printed on the product. 
    • In case of any financial dispute between the company and the stockist, both the company and the stockist will solve the issue in Faisalabad courts only.