Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi Ashraf Naturals
Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi Ashraf Naturals
Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi Ashraf Naturals
Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi Ashraf Naturals
Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi Ashraf Naturals

Ashraf Naturals Murabba Shahi

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مربہ شاہی ۔ نظام ہضم کی تقویت میں معاون ہے

Meday ka jalna, bhook ka na lagna, bad hazmi, seenay main jalan 

Yeh problems hain aaj kal k fast food k ... or walk? bilkul bhi nahi ho pati hay? let's discuss

Murabba Shahi is a Fruity Food Supplement that helps you in a better digestive system and a natural refreshing general tonic.

Although every ingredient of Shahi contains many health benefits for you, but in this fruity supplement, we have tried to combine all the ingredients that are refreshing and can help in strengthening the digestive system in a perfect balance for you, so that you can enjoy a unique and royal experience with Shahi.

Murabba Amla, Murabba Bahi, Murabba Apple, and Green Cardamom make a perfect blend to improve your digestion. While Pomegranate extract, Guava extract and Apple extract refresh you and gives you energy. And last but not least, silver leaves justify our product
name by giving it a Shahi look.


Murabba Amla, Murabba Apple, Murabba Bahi, Green cardamom, Pomegranate extract, Apple extract, Guava extract, and Silver leaves.

Health benefits

1- It helps in improving the digestive system.
2- It absorbs quickly in the body and gives energy.
3-It refreshes your body and is pleasant in taste.

Who can use Shahi

Men, women, mid-aged, aged people, and even kids can take one teaspoon twice a day. It is a fruity supplement and helps all ages and gender.

How to use it

You can take 3/4 teaspoons twice a day before the meal. You can also apply on toast as well just like jam and enjoy the fruity Shahi.

** Note: Diabetic patients can use it once a day, instead of twice.


Consume within 3 months once opened
Keep away from moisture & sunlight, use dry spoon while taking it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nadeem Ahmed
Murabba shahi

Murabba shahi works well , improve digestion but I didnt feel any energy from it may b good 4 others

this product helps in better digestion it is not for providing energy. Try Honey salajeet or vinor for energy purpose.

Hassan Omar
Wrong item sent

I order 2 bottles of Murabba Shahi 500G and 250G but you guys send me 1 Murabba shahi which is 500G and the other one is ( Uqaabi ) 250G I even did not order Uqabi whoever Murabba Shahi taste is great and look fresh as well thank you.

Muhammad Riaz

Shahi have more sugar in it, babies are also complaining of too much sugar, prepare it in form of powder

Fahim Uddin
Superb quality

Superb services, reliable herbal