Herbi-Melt Ashraf Naturals
Herbi-Melt Ashraf Naturals
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Let's make your belly fat cry!

Obesity. It was supposed to be a problem for 35+ people two decades ago, but not anymore. We see so many young people now and even kids in their teens and twenties suffering from this problem. Yes, it is ironic.

Unfortunately, the pace with which obesity is spreading is enormous. In fact, every fourth person is obese now, and it is very alarming.

Obesity has two major effects 

It affects your looks

  • Kitni moti ho rahi ho
  • Mere saray kapray mughe tang ho gaye hain.
  • Smart ho jao, log smart life partner pasand kartay hain.
  • Shadi honay wali hay, patlay nahi hona tum nay kia?
  • Tum aik framemain nahi aao gi ab.¬†
  • Porani picture send kar don? Wahan patli lag rahi hon main.

And many more such comments and thoughts we come across.

It affects your health

Let's discuss the effects of obesity

  • Obesity is an overweight condition according to our height and body mass. What it does is, it put more pressure on our bones and we face joints problem. Walking is no more easy for us. And we start missing going out with our family because it feels painful.
  • The other damaging thing obesity do is, the accumulated fats in our body start hurting us. Yes, cholesterol levels start rising and multiple heart and liver-related problems are triggered.¬†

Those who have experienced the after-effects of obesity in any form, let it be body shaming comments or feeling, or any serious health issue, knows the heartache it can cause. 

Yes, obesity is this much serious. Herbi-Melt is a natural product that can eat your belly fat and make you look, fitter, younger and help you avoid the health issues discussed above. Herbi-Melt is tried and tested formula to reach your fitter and healthier goal. It is completely organic and no chemical or synthetic ingredient is used in the product. 

It consists of soluble and insoluble fats, improves metabolism and digestion, lowers cholesterol, and speeds up fat-burning activity. Its ingredients are, Ispaghol husk, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, halaila, balaila and amla. All the ingredients are mixed in perfect proportion to make it the best product for you. 

But wait, Herbi-Melt is not magic, it is effective and result oriented. BUT still, it needs some effort and a little sacrifice from you. The sacrifice of reducing rice, fast food & fried items in your diet, and only 20 mins of walking in 24 hours. And you can really see results with wonders.

You can’t just take Herbi-Melt and eat cheezy burgers, shawarma, pizzas, and rice and expect some magic to happen. 

And if you are not serious about shedding your extra pounds and can‚Äôt sacrifice your ‚Äúzuban ka chaska‚ÄĚ then please don't buy our product.¬†

Directions to use:

  • Use Herbi-Melt three times a day (teaspoon) with lukewarm.
  • Use for at least two months for best results and transformation.¬†

Who can use the product: 

  • Everyone who is facing obesity issue can take the product regardless of age or gender.
  • Herbi-Melt is safe for diabetic patients, high BP patients or even the ones suffering from thyroid problems, even laddies can take it after delivery to regain their shape again. No ingredient is harmful in this recipe.¬†

Recommended duration to use the product: 

  • For best results, it is ideal to use it for three months.
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Ali Hassan
best product ever

best product ever

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