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Honey Salajeet - 1 box
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                                        Honey Salajeet - Pack of 30 sachets 

Salajeet is known to be the gold blood of mountains. 

It is an exiler of life, a natural booster, an internal wounds healer, and helps relieve arthritis pain. Honey Salajeet, is the unique and easiest way to consume Salajeet you can ever think of. 

Salajeet is very beneficial, but consuming Salajeet in all weathers is not easy. Let’s face the real-life challenges a user has to face in consuming Salajeet.

  1. It is sticky and it gets hard, especially in winter. It becomes very difficult to take it out and use it. 
  2. Everyone does not like the taste of Salajeet. Yes, people consume it for its health benefits but they compromise on taste to enjoy the benefits.
  3. People get worried about how to take Salajeet, in how much quantity is to be taken, they are not sure about the dosage. 

Well, these problems are no more with Honey Salajeet. 

It is our custom recipe that solves all the problems mentioned above. Salajeet is infused with honey so you enjoy a better taste with the goodness of natural honey as well. 

  • Now you don't need to worry about the stickiness of Salajeet or its hardness. Honey Salajeet is a charm to have in all weathers. 
  • Consuming Salajeet is more tasty now. We have treated Salajeet with the finest quality rose water as well, Rose water is known for being good for heart muscles, Salajeet for energy booster and power and honey makes it pleasantly tasty to consume. 
  • You don't need to worry about Salajeet dosage anymore. A one-time dosage is already added in a single sachet. What can be more easy than this? You don't have to worry at all now. Simply tear the sachet, pour it in a spoon, and take it, or mix in lukewarm water, tea, or kahwa and enjoy its ravishing flavor. 

YES, it is this much easier now. 

But wait, people worry about product quality and they should be, they question about quality of Salajeet, whether it is pure or not. Is it safe or not? Well, unlike other sellers we got our product tested with PCSIR to ensure you enjoy the finest quality product with respect to every aspect. All the minerals are within permitted range not locally but on internationally set parameters, so you can consume a quality product with utmost confidence and peace of mind. 


  • A normal person can take one sachet daily with a spoon, lukewarm water, tea, or kahwa. Men and women both can use it and enjoy the health benefits. 
  • People who play games, gym, and have a good physical routine can take two sachets per day.

 Honey Salajeet - Pack of 30 sachets

Each Sachet weight: 10 Grams 

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Customer Reviews

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Good product but need improvements

Packaging of sachets were average, like some local products. Also there wasnt any calories chart.

we did n t recvd order

sir we are order your product but still i dnt recvd any order.

Good product.

Price should be less around 1500 - 1800

Muhammad Umair
Need more improvement

Product is good and need lil bit of improvement. i suggest that you should use natural honey instead of farm honey. secondly, quantity of Salajeet should be more so that it will become more affective.

Smart Enterprises

Fantastic Product